iTunes 10.6 (32 Bit)  || File Size : 72.00 MB
iTunes 10.6 (64 Bit)  || File Size : 74.00 MB 

The version history of iTunes spans from 2001 to the present and covers the application's evolution and refinement from a simple music player to a control center for many types of media. Support for the iPod and iTunes Store (originally the iTunes Music Store) were added in the subsequent versions. Later, other types of media, including radiofilmstelevision shows, and audiobooks were also supported. More recently, iTunes has branched out from the iPod, providing iPhone and iPad syncing capabilities. 


Operating system versions

Operating system versionLatest versionSupport
Mac OS 9a2.0.4[1] (2002-03-20)2001—2002
Mac OS X v10.01.1.1[2] (2001-05-01)2001
Mac OS X v10.14.7.1 (2005-01-11)2001—2005
Mac OS X v10.26.0.5 (2006-06-29)2002—2006
Mac OS X v10.37.7.1[3] (2008-07-31)2003—2008
Mac OS X v10.4 for G38.2.1[4] (2009-08-28)2005—2009
Mac OS X v10.4 for G4G5Intel9.2.1[5] (2010-07-19)2005—2010
Mac OS X v10.510.6[6] (2012-03-07)Since 2007
Mac OS X v10.6Since 2009
Mac OS X v10.7Since 2011
Windows 2000 for x867.3.2 (2007-08-02)2003—2007
Windows XP 64-bit9.1.1[7] (2010-04-27)2003—2010
Windows XP 32-bit10.6[6] (2012-03-07)Since 2003
Windows VistabSince 2007
Windows 7bSince 2009
  • iTunes Store requires at least version 9, dropping support for earlier versions.
  • iTunes on Windows Home Server may cause data corruption, which Microsoft fixed in an update.
  • iTunes usually requires latest service pack or point release to function.
  • a. ^ Mac OS 9.1 is required to burn CDs.
  • b. ^ iTunes supports both 32- and 64-bit editions for Windows Vista and 7.


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